The Human Resources Department Is Doing A Lot Of Things Right

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Introduction and Purpose The Human Resources Department exists to provide value to the organization. The HR department is doing a lot of things right but there is a need for a robust HR Transformation in order to help the business achieve its strategic objectives for performance and growth and increase employee engagement. The transformation must have the support of all employees in order to ensure continued success of OUR Company now and in the future. This paper will highlight the findings of the SWOT assessment that were utilized to identify HR gaps, and develop proposed recommendations of change within the HR domains. The recommendations will consist of the Who, What, and Why there is a need for change as well as a So That…show more content…
Listed below is a summary of the SWOT findings that were key in developing the proposed transformation recommendations: Strengths • Products made is the U.S.A • Specialty component patents • Company has grown exponentially Weaknesses • Employee uncertainty • Unethical labor practices • Performance management system Opportunities • Expand current customer base • Cost savings allocation plan Threats • Possible unionization • Poor economy • Possible litigation in the future PAC Resources currently faces organizational challenges that will be improved by implementing necessary changes in the HR department. Listed below are some of these challenges: • reduce labor costs by 10% without imposing layoffs • employee benefits program • misrepresented sales numbers (due to employee uncertainty) • pending litigation for various complaints Recommendations & Action Plan After analyzing the SWOT assessment and organizational challenges we have developed three proposed recommendations for change. The recommendations positively affect performance, people, information and workflow. Listed below are the proposed recommendations as well as the Who, What, Why and strategic metric and timeline: Change # 1 Who: HR staffing section (strategic positioner) What: Encourage retirement, cut all overtime, freeze all wage increases. Offer retirement to those employees with over 20 years. The goal
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