The Human Resources For Health

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Another challenge affecting the human resources for health in Malawi is shortage as a result of migration of professional health workers to management related work or positions(9). Medical doctors and state registered nurses are being promoted to take up managerial positions either in government or working in Non-Governmental Organisations (21). Malawi has successfully managed to address the challenge of brain drain to other countries by implementing incentives but continues to struggle with migration within the country whereby health workers are moving from bed-side patient care to managerial positions. Some health workers especially nurses are pursuing careers other than nursing(4). The MoH should consider establishing positions that will make these health workers to still remain in hospitals providing patient care. There is need to develop a clear career pathway so that staff trained in health management should be allocated to the managerial posts while health workers remain with patients. Furthermore, the ministry should be vigilant in reinforcing the agreements within the MOUs with the NGOs on the health worker recruitments from the public sector(10). Locally, lack of proper coordination of in-service training of health workers has also been blamed for creating shortages in Malawi (16). The NGOs, health program managers and the District Health Management Teams (DHMT) have a tendency of withdrawing health workers to one place for a training, thereby, reducing staff from
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