The Human Resources Management Course For Bethel University 's Management

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The human resources management course for Bethel University’s Management in Organizational Development program covers a wide array of human resource topics. The writer intends to explore some of the different professional careers involving human resource management along with some of the duties, functions, and responsibilities associated with those careers. 3
Human Resource Professionals and Responsibilities Over the last several decades the work force and corporate environment have evolved and changed significantly. Businesses are not only in competition with each other over the products and services they provide to consumers, but also with each other over attracting
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No matter what size the human resource organization is, its responsibilities tend to fall in three categories. The first is administrative services and transactions, and involves handling administrative tasks such as, hiring employees and answering questions about benefits. The next is acting as a business
HUMAN RESOURCE PROFESSIONALS AND RESPONSABILITIES partner to the company and involves developing effective human resource systems that help the organization meet its goals for attracting, keeping, and developing people with the skills it needs. The last area is acting as a strategic partner and involves contributing to the company’s strategy through an understanding of its existing and needed human resources and ways human resource practices can give the company a competitive advantage (Bethel, 2011). A small locally owned company with less than one hundred employees may utilize a human resource specialist. This professional may be tasked with all aspects of human resource management and their scope may include all three functions and responsibilities. Very large companies may have a layered approach to human resources, and have a human resource department that is led by a human resource director. The director’s job is to oversee the human resource department as a whole and usually has
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