The Human Resources Management of Five-Star Hotel in China

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The Hong Kong Management Association Lingnan University Joint Diploma in Management Studies Management Project Spring 2010 |Title of Project |: |The human resources management of Five-star hotel in China | |Student Name |: |LUI WING-HI | |Student Number |: |073042 | |Supervisor’s Name |: |Lolita Lau | |Date |: |11th May 2010…show more content…
Well, how is the situation of the star hotel human resources in the end? What are the main issues? The reasons for that? How we should respond to? 1. Research objectives The purpose and meaning in the project to help stars hotel owners, policy makers, actors and stars hotel industry management departments to fully understand the star hotels the status of human resources; to comprehensive understand the problems and caused the cause of the problem: to promote the development of tourism from a strategic point of view, to put emphasis star hotel human resources development, use, and made a number of practical measures. Ch 2 –SWOT analyze the hotel industry in China. With the opening of the nation 's hotel market to international competition at the end of 2005, China 's hotels are at a critical juncture--a timely moment for a SWOT analysis to highlight the industry 's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The strengths of China 's hotel industry rest on the facts that China is a leading international destination with growing international brands and that the government has made a concerted effort to improve domestic brands through ownership changes and government regulation. At the same time, inefficient state ownership and management has held back many hotel operations--leading to overleveraged, unprofitable properties. That very situation opens a great opportunity for managers and owners who are willing to upgrade
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