The Human Resources Manager At Autocom Manufacturing

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For this assignment, I was lucky enough to contact a Human Resources manager at Autocom Manufacturing, a division of Linamar Corporation located in Guelph. A long-time employee of my dad’s, Julie was able to give me a unique look into the daily tasks and activities of an HR manager in a manufacturing field. I was grateful for the advice that she gave, and took a lot away from this assignment. Company History: Founded in the basement of Frank Hasenfratz, Linamar has grown exponentially from the single lathe to the highly globalized company that it is today. Today the company is a multi-billion dollar one that operates over 40 manufacturing facilities in 12 different countries. Coming from very humble beginnings, in 1964 Frank started a one man operation, the name Linamar derived from the names of his daughters and wife. By 1980 the company had built 6 manufacturing facilities. In the next 10 years, they continued to build 13 more facilities and celebrated their 25 years of business. Over the next 20 years Linamar would go public on the Toronto Stock Exchange, establish Linamar transportation and open its first sales office in Asia. The upward trend continued and more facilities were built, as the company continued to expand in different countries. There is no denying that going forward, Linamar will continue to grow both here in North America and abroad. Human Resources will be a critical in ensuring that these processes go smoothly. At its core, Linamar provides the
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