The Human Resources Representative Leader, It Is My Job Essay

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This memo is in attention to the current employees in reference to a job analysis of all positions on account of the fact that the organization must mandate the compliance of all regulations. As the human resources representative leader, it is my job to inform everyone in the office of what will be needed to be reviewed per the CEO of this company. First off the job analysis is only a thorough explanation of the duties the make up each of the positions that have been currently filled in this company, furthermore there are three focal aspects to this topic. The focal points include job requirements, competency-based, and job reward. The job requirements will consist of a report of what each employee does in addition to what is the proper procedure for the production. Correspondingly that employee must conclude that statement with what equipment and material must be used. The best way to collect this information is interviews, task questionnaires, and observations. The job analysis is only here to inform the each of the employees of the responsibilities that should have been met within the standard of the company and these standards should have been explained to all employees upon accepting their current job placement, thus stated will be a list of all the requirements in terms of aptitudes, attitudes, knowledge, skills, and physical expectations. The objectives of this job analysis will have to include the recommended and more importantly well-organized approaches for each of
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