The Human Right Of Practicing A Religion

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Pakistan is part of a human rights watch by all countries. Rights are being violated daily and innocent people are getting killed and even raped without anything being done about it. In Pakistan it is seen the women’s rights are being ignored and women are being treated like they are worthless. In current Pakistan culture it is a normal punishment for a female is to be raped if she as shamed her family, in which in Pakistan culture is not a crime because it happens so often. Minorities in Pakistan are being killed just because of the simple fact that they are practicing a certain religion. The basic human right of practicing a religion is abolished when you are in Pakistan. Minorities are being killed almost daily, in very violent attacks from people whom do not believe in what they are doing. The only thing that is stopping these people that are participating in these horrible actions from being charged and caught is the corrupted government. The government role in protecting human rights is very huge. The corruption of the government is key to these human rights violations happening every day. The main three human rights being violated in Pakistan are women’s rights being violated, minorities getting killed and the corruption of the Pakistan government.
Keywords: Pakistan, Women rights , Human rights, Minorities, Corruption, Government
The famous Nelson Mandella once said “to deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity” Nelson was saying that if
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