The Human Side Of Enterprise

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In 1960, Douglas McGregor wrote the book “The Human Side of Enterprise” (The Economist, 2008). In this book he proposed two theories, Theory X, and Theory Y, which are two distinctly different management styles based on motivational factors that influence employee behavior (Mohamed & Nor, 2013). We will discuss Theory Y and its ability to motivate employees.
Theory Y is a participative style of management which believes that people will practice self-direction and self-control to achieve the organization 's objectives to the degree that they are committed to those objectives (The Economist, 2008). This theory believes that work is as natural as play and rest and that people are committed to their objectives if they are rewarded and feel a sense of self-fulfillment (NetMBA, 2010). There is also an assumption that when a person feels a commitment to the organization and self-fulfillment, they will seek responsibility and will successfully handle this responsibility due to their creativity and ingenuity (NetMBA, 2010). According to Theory Y employees want to work and be productive, and the act of doing well at work is a strong motivator for people to meet their personal and their organizations goals (Mohamed & Nor, 2013). This type of management style allows people to grow and develop in their organization, thereby increase their performance and productivity (Mohamed & Nor, 2013).
Theory Y challenges management to seek new and innovative ways to motivate employees (The
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