The Human Side Of Enterprise

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Douglas McGregor was an American professor and psychologist who is most famous for his book, The Human Side of Enterprise, published in 1960. In this work, he conceives and examines two theories of behaviors in the workplace. They are known as Theory X and Theory Y. These distinct theories describe how individuals generally behave at work and how different types of managers might govern their employees. They have been used over the years to help managers to understand their employees’ needs, behavior and how to better manage their staff. These theories can be analyzed and broken down into three of many sub-topics: Motivation, Leadership Style and Conflict Resolution. The two basic labels that McGregor created describe the assumptions that managers might make about their employees’ views on motivation and behavior. According to McGregor’s (1960) Theory X, “the average man is by nature indolent” and is typically self-centered and lacks ambition (p. 2). In this situation, managers are forced to act in an authoritarian manner. They must coerce their employees to do their jobs, because the assumption is that workers take little to no initiative. Theory X demonstrates that workers view money and job security as their primary motivator. Conversely, Theory Y states that people actually enjoy working and will actively seek out greater responsibility. Managers in this scenario would encourage and emphasize the empowerment of their employees and would provide a surplus of
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