The Human Side of Management and Leadership Skills Essay

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The Human Side of Management and Leadership Skills

June 16, 2013

The human side of management is setting an example of using leadership roles for the organization, and guiding employees to set common goals. Management also is known for making the work environment suitable for their employees so they are happier and more efficient when they are working on projects, or deadlines (Boone & Kurtz 2012). It is an important role of management to finding those who are qualified, and trained for the establishment while helping employees to improve during their time of employment. Managers and leaders can both be responsible of finding the right individual who could take on the position because the right candidate with the right
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Some of their benefits can be beneficial such having medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and 401k plans, which managers make sure their workers are getting these incentives to make them become better employees (Boone & Kurtz 2012). Employee’s separation is when both management and leaders are required to voluntary or involuntary covered the loss of employees who resigned. Motivating employees is an example of taking on leadership skills because a positive approach supports the job position (Boone & Kurtz 2012). Employees with a higher self-esteem compare to one who might not have the same attitude have proven to be a positive role model for those in the workforce. They also demonstrated better communication skills, or have a closer relationship with their managers, which help to makes a positive environment for others, and this is example that are passed down by leaders of the organization. According to Maslow Hierarchy of needs, motivation is part of the workforce because it is needed to create and promote goodwill among employees (Boone & Kurtz 2012). A need of motivation results in productivity and promotes synergy.
Managers uses many forms of communications such as oral, written, formal, informal and nonverbal to make sure there are no misleading information between their staffs and themselves (Boone & Kurtz 2012). It is

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