The Human Skeleton Is Used By Humans

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The human skeleton is used by humans in various ways, for example the skeletal structure is used to protect the heart and lungs through the ribs, it is used for structure, and aids in movement. Although the bones can look very different and they are categorized in various ways, such as structure or area of the body, they all have the same basic structure, hard outer compact bone that deals with certain kinds of impact, and a spongy bone center that can take different types of impact and is surrounded by one of two types of bone marrow. Back to bone type, there are five types of bone: long bone, short bone, flat bone, irregular bone, and sesamoid how a bone is shaped can tell its type and function, for example long bones such as the femur is used for shock absorption, and as a long bone it is longer than it is wide. Another category of bones is axial and appendicular, axial bones consist of the bones of the head, neck, and spine, while appendicular bones are the bones of the limbs and bones directly attached to them. Nevertheless no matter the bone type or category all bones are necessary to human function and when something happens to them or affects them adversely, we are affected.
Osteoporosis, or “porous bone” (NIHS 2013), is the weakening of bone, by self deconstruction that outworks the bodies ability to construct bone. Essentially your osteoclasts are working faster than your osteoblasts (nasa), unfortunately this disease is silent with no indication (mlp). It is not…
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