The Human Society in the Present Times and Wealth

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The human society in the present times has evolved in such a way that the search for wealth becomes the most important endeavor for many. Wealth in this statement pertains to the ability of a person to buy material possessions. As the search for acquiring wealth became the priority of people in a capitalist system, wherein most countries are economically situated- means to acquire wealth has become somehow the holy grail of the society. As the front-liner topic in business research, many studies are done in the field of entrepreneurship with substantial liking and support. Alongside the vast topic of entrepreneurship, one of the most regarded is the aspect of social entrepreneurship and the advances of this discipline. The discourse community in this industry is geared to see trends and analyze information from existing business systems. They create theoretical findings and deduce information that would be helpful in creating effective business structures. To give a holistic approach, three different articles from a journal were considered and used to see discourse in action in this field. The first article came from Saul Estrin and his associates, in which they tackle the different aspects of social entrepreneurship through the nations. What follows is the article, which was written by Eric Gedajlovic that establishes the importance of social capital in entrepreneurship. Lastly, the team of Dirk De Clercq wrote an article about social capital organized in internal knowledge
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