The Human Soul And Dying

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Note: This series discusses very sensitive yet important subjects. It 's purpose is to gain an accurate understanding of what the Scriptures actually say about the soul, death, and the afterlife. It does not cover the numerous traditions that have been passed on and are taught and accepted by many as truth. Its basis is the Scriptures. With this in mind, this study should be read with much prayer, analyzing each Scripture reference for your own understanding and edification. The subject of the human soul and dying comes up in many different conversations and in a variety of situations. For most people, their understaning of the process of dying follows teachings set forth many millennia ago. Basically, it goes something like this: When you die, your soul leaves your body, and goes to either rejoice in Heaven or be tortured in Hell, with perhaps a stop in-between, depending on your religious beliefs. Meanwhile, your physical body returns to dust. Then, somewhere in time, there is a resurrection of each soul to either eternal life or eternal damnation. But if that 's true -- your soul goes straight to Heaven or Hell upon death -- why would it need to be resurrected at a later time? Perhaps that concept has always troubled you but you weren 't able to assemble the facts according to Scripture. Would you be surprised to learn that the teaching of the soul going to Heaven or Hell at the time of death is not taught anywhere in the Scriptures? Understanding What You Are Reading
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