The Human Tissue Act 2008 Essay

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Currently in New Zealand the major law regarding the donation of organs is the Human Tissue Act 2008 introduced by the then labour government’s Minister of Health David Cunliffe. The bill received support from both Labour and National members and in its second reading received 115 votes for and only 3 votes against (while 3 members were not present for the vote) the three votes against can be attributed to opposition from 3 of the 4 Maori party members due to cultural values tikanga ā-iwi, Mana and Tapu The Human Tissue Act 2008 prohibits the sale and advertisement of any human tissue which includes organs without written permission at the discretion from whomever is acting as the Minister of Health. So far the only reported case (of which all exemptions must be reported in the Gazette) is the paired kidney donation scheme allowing viable living donors that wish to donate to a family or friend that is incompatible with their kidney to donate to another who is in the same position. This effectively facilitates a non monetary trade between two donors to ensure the chosen recipients receive a kidney that will work for them.
Currently a shortage is occurring between the supply of viable organs collected from living donors and from the deceased and the demand required from those on the waiting list. Organs that can be provided from living donors include Kidneys, liver segments, some of your lung and Pancreas but of all the organs that greatest shortage that exists is
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