The Human Torch: The Ultimate Superhero

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Human Torch “Flame on!” The Human Torch yells as he burst into flames and glides through the night sky as he looks like a shooting star. But this phenomenal superhero can do much more than turning himself into fire and fly, as he can,thermokinesis (the ability to control the temperature of any object) and agility just to name a few. He is also known as the reckless, but lovable Johnny Storm. He has received his superpowers from cosmic rays after crashing on a space flight along with his sister, and two other scientists . This group all received unique powers like invisibility and strength and have formed the crime fighting team known as the Fantastic Four. This team consistents of : The Invisible Women (Johnny’s sister), Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) and The Thing (Ben Grimm). Although he is the youngest team member, he is by far the brightest star. The Human Torch is the ultimate superhero because he has: a fearless personality, an amazing uniform that can withstand extreme heat, and an magnificent fiery superpower . Human Torch has a daring and fearless personality that makes him special in tons of ways. This means that he is confident when he is taking down his opponents. This personality helps the Human Torch dramatically because many people would have to be very brave when up 1000 ft up in the air and on fire at the same time. This personality is appealing to the Human Torch because nobody is more braver than the Human Torch. An example of this personality is

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