The Human Voice Essay

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Our voice is our primary mean of communication, and most of us can’t go for more than a couple of minutes without using it. We don’t use your voice for just talking though, our voice can be used to do a variation of things. The most obvious example would be singing. So it is obvious the human voice is a means of communication, but it is also a source of pleasure for us. The human voice is not limited to just a couple sounds, no, the human voice can make a complex range of sounds but none of this could be possible if it weren’t for the complex system you possess in your throat. First I’ll start off by talking about the physical components and how they contribute to the production of your voice. There are only about 6 main …show more content…
To make sound our vocal cords are brought together. After you bring them together they vibrate very quickly due to your airflow. Air is one of the most important components that you need to be able to speak. Air is your energy source to talk with. The air is what causes the vocal cords to vibrate and oscillate in your throat. Your breath is like your fuel, and without a proper supply one can’t speak properly. The articulators are self explanatory. Your teeth, tongue, lips, and palette help you form words. How and when you positions each part determines the word you form and the sound you’ll make. Now the human voice does not just have one sound and on pitch. The human voice has a huge range of different pitches with which we can make sounds with. As well the human voice can be projected louder or quieter depending on the amount of air used. Now the pitch of a human voice can change for many different factors. The higher the pitch of your voice is the faster your vocal cords are vibrating, and the lower your pitch the slower your vocal cords are vibrating. It is also known that our emotions can affect the pitch of our voice. Usually situations where a person is highly aroused, be it happy, or mad, it can limit the tension in your vocal cords and the position of your larynx. This makes it harder for you to vary your pitch. Usually happiness is attributed to a higher voice while angriness is
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