The Human and Environmental Effects of E-Waste

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CONTENTS 1. Introduction - Presentation of the issue 2. The Life cycle of an electronic device 3. Issues 4. The Impacts of Electronic Waste 5. Sources of E-Waste 6. Solutions 7. Conclusion 8. Questionnaire 9. Bibliography 9.1. Books 9.2. Articles 9.3. Online (World Wide Web) Sources 10. Appendix INTRODUCTION The phenomenon of discarded electronic or electrical waste has generated worldwide attention and concern as it is a global problem that is getting bigger by the day. This concern is justified due to the effects of environmental pollution that e-waste causes. An estimated 50 million tons of e-waste is produced each year, globally, and this is projected to rise even further. America is the world’s largest producer with…show more content…
This success comes with a heavy price as environmental pollution has reached legendary levels. Villages are said to be littered with e-waste from its industries and also imported from the USA by the shipload to be sorted, reused, recycled, burnt, used to fill up land-fills or just left abandoned. Africa is a continent that is known for having large amounts of e-waste deposited either knowingly or unknowingly. In Ghana, a sub Saharan country in the western part of Africa, there is a town called Agbogbloshie, which is a marketing area for foodstuffs and which also serves as a vast dumping site for electronic waste. Electronic waste comes there from all over the world to our ports end up in our towns. People in this market town try to make money from these electronic devices by trying to salvage and attempting to repair these appliances so that it can be sold. There are middle men who buy the products from the importers or local collectors and who in turn sell up their ways in lots to other people who have group or individuals who have perfected the skills of breaking up equipment and sorting it out into valuable pieces for resale in their original form or melted down. The parts deemed unsaleable are them discarded or burnt in the open in the Agbogbloshie vicinity. As you are getting close to the recycling area of Agbogbloshie, you will have no need for
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