The Humane Association At An Animal Shelter

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Bitterroot Humane Association Sydney Greek Period 1 12-3-16 Research Paper Imagine being a staff member or a volunteer at an animal shelter. Imagine watching day in and day out as animals passed through your doors, the unmistakeable scent of desolation and grief filling the room like a tidal wave. Imagine standing in front of the donation jar, counting the measly offerings, and hoping they added up to at least five dollars. Ravalli County should do more to encourage adoption of impounded animals, and supply more resources for, the Bitterroot Humane Association. The BItterroot Humane Association is our local “pound” that takes in lost, abandoned, abused, or unwanted companions. They provide pet owners with an outlet should they ever not be able to take care of their animals. Then, these pets are placed back into loving homes, making everyone happy. With a limited budget, they have to care for many, many animals. The Bitterroot Humane Association does not give animals a “time limit” for being put down. Some shelters in Missoula, for example, euthanize their residents if they do not find homes soon enough. Many animals at the kill shelters are very loving and sweet, and deserve a little more time to adjust. At no kill shelters, such as the Bitterroot Humane Association, they are not put down. Several of the dogs and cats have been there for a long time, which is definitely hard on them. Finally, the humane association also helps other animals in

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