The Humanitarian Intervention And International Aid

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The humanitarian intervention and international aid provided by Western forces to combat diseases such as ebola and AIDS reinforce already preconceived patriarchal notions of Africa as the afflicted continent. From the colonial era leading up to the present day, Africa has been constantly afflicted in one form or another by various types of lethal disease including but certainly not limited to ebola and AIDS. The epidemics caused by these diseases have often been considered to necessitate outside intervention namely by Western influences. Perceived as due to causes such as “lack of infrastructure, access to healthcare and education” (, 2014), states such as Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea in the context of the ebola epidemic, and much of sub-Saharan Africa in the context of HIV/AIDS, have been inadequately equipped to successfully deal with the repercussions caused by these diseases. The aid and resources provided by large scale entities such as the World Health Organization (, 2015) and the Red Cross (, 2015) somewhat mitigate the devastating impacts caused by these diseases through financial contributions (, 2015). However, since they are largely driven by notions of guilt and self serving intentions, these contributions serve only to perpetuate the image of Africa as being in a constant state of ‘affliction’. Because the West views Africa on the whole as a continent that always requires…
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