The Humanization of a 'Monster'

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The first moment within Frankenstein where the narration shifted was when Victor allowed the monster to tell him the story about all of his experiences up to that point. He starts by telling Victor about his realization that all humans shared a mutual hatred and fear of him just based off of his appearance. He also told of how he learned the english language by stalking cottagers and how he found Victor’s documents stating that he hated the monster. The monster swore revenge on all mankind, especially Victor, and admitted to Victor that he murdered his younger brother then framed a friend of Victor’s for it. He ended his tale, hoping that now Victor felt some sympathy for him, by asking Victor to create him a female companion so they could…show more content…
By the end of the scene the monster still did not completely trust Victor and had to monitor him, but he was in a much more pleasant mood since Victor agreed to create him a female companion and that they were able to civilly arrive at a compromise. Victor on the other hand was feeling more frightened about the monster after he portrayed very human qualities, knowing that he could feel things like pain and suffering which could drive anyone to do grotesque deeds (Blumberg). He feared for what may happen in the future, especially if he created a companion for his monster and allowed for two of his unappealing and dangerously powerful monsters out into the world. The monster told Victor of some books that he had acquired while searching in the woods. He tries to describe to Victor the feelings he experienced upon reading them when he said, “They produced in me and infinity of new images and feelings, that sometimes raised me to ecstasy, but more frequently sunk me into the lowest dejection” (Shelley 127). In this scene the monster directly said that he had feelings, and quite a wide range of them too. He utilized these feelings to come to the decision that he would be happiest living away from society, which drew him to ask Victor for a companion. Victor saw the monster’s feelings as a detriment since a person’s emotion or mood toward a subject effects the actions they take. The anger that society caused to build up
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