The Hundred Dollar Bill

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The hundred-dollar bill is the representation of success in the United States of America; and right in the heart of the bill is the face of a renowned businessman. Benjamin Franklin lies in the center of this coveted bill. We see his face and we hear about his story of rags-to-riches, but it is interesting to ask how Franklin got to his high position in society. He is seen as the hero of Americans and a prime example of how to make it in a free market. Furthermore, Benjamin Franklin defined what success in America was as being able to rise up above your class by having a strong work ethic and vast set of skills including frugality, industry, and working towards self-enhancement. This definition of success stays similar today and is known as the American Dream, yet it might not be so apparent today. In his autobiography, Benjamin Franklin thought out a strict formula for success. Two virtues that brought him to the top and set the standards for success in Early America were frugality and industry. He considered it a must to follow all guidelines in order to become a man of importance. But Franklin also preached that individuals must master each virtue, one at a time, so that one could obtain them all. Franklin even admits that he would devote every week to a different virtue so that he could fully master them. In part two of his autobiography Franklin writes the thirteen virtues in order of importance. Firstly, Franklin considered Frugality to be one of the most important

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