Essay on The Hundred Years' War

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S.S Draft 5/28/10 Despite already having captured land on French main land prior to the Hundred Years’ War, England was unsuccessful in capturing the French Throne because they were out numbered, did not establish a proper beach head, and were hurt by the heroics of Joan of Arc in Phase IV. The Hundred Years’ War was unsuccessful because England was not able to capture the French throne. From 1328-1360 was phase one of the hundred years war. It started off with a bluff from the english king Edward the 3rd. Edward pretended he want to rule France and France din’t want to go to war so they gave him the land that his family has bin fighting for for many years. In 1330 the war really started and England's first move was to put 4,000…show more content…
In England the taxes in the war were getting high. They seem to be raising the right amount of money but kept falling up short on paying their troops. The war’s money seemed to be going into some officials pockets. In 1337 and In 1386, impeachment of minister occurred. The charges included were peculation and mishandling of money for the war. Edward the 3rd realized that he needed more soldiers so he started a campaign through northern France and he began talking with allies. He got about 1,000 men from Brabant, and from Juliers he got, 2,000 troops witch he met up with later in july in 1369. In 1372 the England position looked weak. In the following year the English raise there biggest army in the second phase, they raised 6,000 troops and 250 knights. between 1369-1380 the English raised 30,000 troops. England was out of money and the french still had 3,000 troops, on stand by, but they did win because of a tax rebellions and increasing political divisions during the minority of Charles VI. When the French started losing battles, they couldn't pay for any more men and the ransom of John hurt them even more. A rebellion in 1381 from high taxes. They had to borrowed money from Italy. The English army later in the 1440 changed the Feudal system so they could get more troops. The truce was maintained until Henry V invaded in August 1415. 1415 the French raised an army of 12,000 troops. Henry set an ambush for the French with 20,000
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