The Hundred Years War : The Years Of War

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The Hundred Years War During the beginning of the fourteenth century, there were many disputes between the English and the French. The war began in 1337 when King Edward the 3rd claimed that he was the rightful ruler of France. This was the event that truly began the years of war that would disturb all of the land. Other events also occurred that contributed to the raging war. A few that were included were, disputes over certain areas of land, control of the valuable wool trade, and the support for Scotland by the French. The Hundred Years war occurred during the Middle Ages. Life for those involved and uninvolved in the war was based on a Feudal System. This was a system that worked quite like a pyramid. At the top, there was of course a king. Under him, were the tenants-in-chief, and them below them were the knights. At the very bottom of the pyramid were of course the peasants, who were also referred to as serfs or viliens. During this time, all citizens had more problems than just the war. Throughout the duration of the Middle Ages, there were many other things that fell in their laps that they had to deal with. The temperature of the earth cooled during this time period, thus making crops harder to grow and maintain. This lead to many famines in the land that, in turn, lead to death and shortages of people that could work. Not only that, but the Black Death swept through this area, causing more death to occur. In England alone, the Black Death, or plague, wiped out
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