The Hunger Banquet Encourages Students

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The Hunger Banquet enables students to shift into a new perspective and perceive how the largely different economic standpoints are throughout our continents. The program provides insight on distribution of wealth, it’s relationship with general business, and brings ethical viewpoints into the means of business. First, previous to taking any business classes, any knowledge regarding the business environment and the different methods of economic systems were entirely basic. Residing in countries such as the United States, most individuals grow to understand how a capitalistic (free enterprise) economy works. However, much like myself, many other people who operate under Capitalism do not have a full understanding of how other economic systems work, such as communism and socialism. Communism, “a political system in which the government owns and operates all factors of production” (Ebert, 2015, pg. 13), is a system in which I was unaware of the government 's ability to control every single means of production within an economy. Also, socialism, a planned economic system, was introduced to me through the learning of business. Additionally, the role given to me sent me to a location on the floor, indicating I was living in poverty. The character of my role had to sacrifice food for himself in order to provide for his family who lived in an area of poverty. During my journey through the Hunger Banquet, I was surprised at the surplus amounts of food that were wasted in the
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