The Hunger Game Book Report

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I’m Holden, Holden Caulfield. If you really want to know about me, the first thing you'll probably want to know is what I am reading right now. Though I'm really not that literate type, I read a lot. The Hunger Game, written by old Susanne Collins, is my recent reading one. The Hunger Game is the book that got those crazy ideas. The people living in the book is divided to 12 districts leading by a centre called Capitol where is the gathering place of all those huge snobs, phonies and morons. They always wear those old-fashioned hat, clothing and thought themselves to be so fashinable. That imagery really kills me. Really, you can imagine those old ones with a thousand layers of clothing and makeup that definitely gonna make you sick as hell. But, anyway, it is a story about this crazy goddam game, called The Hunger Game. In its game regulation, each of the 12 districts has to provide two tribes. Those 24 tribes then go to the Capitol to attend the killing game. Among those poor sacrifices, some, those snobs, volunteer for fame and…show more content…
She and her old Peeta win the game together and break the rules of the Hunger Game. The Capitol leader must be angry as hell. Katniss Everness is a snob sometimes, like when she enjoys the cheering from the phonies in the goddamn Capitol, but I’ll say I kinda like her in the other times. I really do. Not only because of her little sister, Prim Everness who reminded me a little bit of old Phoebe. I guess old Prim is also quite skinny but not Roller-skate skinny as Phoebe is. I like Katniss maybe because she’s like me. I really mean it. We all get the little sister that kills you and a physic mom. But, Katniss’ life is a bit more interesting than mine. If I’m in her place, oh, I don’t really care. And that old Peeta, a real moron. How funny that he doesn’t even dare to confess his love until he knows he’s stepping to death. There’s nothing to worry, Katniss is not
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