The Hunger Games : An Extreme Totalitarian Government

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Although the government in The Hunger Games paints an extreme totalitarian government, the idea of government corruption is still present in our society today, even in America. Governments are far from perfect and the American government is riddled with lobbyists that sway decisions in their favor and place their needs over the commonwealth’s. Gary Hart, a former US senator, recalls his time in office and observes that the US government is “perversely and systematically dedicated to special interests, earmarks, side-deals, log-rolling, vote-trading, and sweetheart deals.” These terms share an overall theme of exchanging favors, offering deals too good to pass up or funneling money into corporations to secure a vote. It becomes harder to believe that the government is operating in a democratic way. Money, rather than the desire to improve the country, plays a significant role in running the country. Bribery and underhand dealings for favors and political rivalry prevent progress and improvements. Social welfare programs funded by lobbyists, which are meant to help common Americans, are only funneling money to governors to persuade them to make or break certain executive decisions. Such dealings are dubbed “dark money” and allow “corporations to push past legal barriers and gather enormous influence” (Hart, 2015, p.2). Furthermore, President Obama finds it hard to implement any of his plans to control gun violence or reduce taxes partly because the majority of Congress members
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