The Hunger Games And The Poor Unequal Treatment

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Introduction I chose this movie because it shows a comparative experience with the present working class, although the hardship and experiences are exaggerated in the film, it is still able to depict the social class divide and oppression that exists in the capitalist system. The movie shows how the rich people have all the power, wealth and control over the population, for example, the peacemakers, enforcing free labour, ‘The Hunger Games’ and so on. Whereas, those in poorer districts are working for scraps, living in poverty and starving while the rich people have all the wealth. The ‘Capitol’ is able to control the population by administering The Hunger Games; which is a strategy the rich came up with in order to instill both hope and…show more content…
In the case of The Hunger Games and the working class experience, the districts were sectioned and distributed into different social groups based on the people’s economic and social status. The division of class can be seen in the day to day lives of the citizen’s vs the citizens in the ‘Capitol’. The poor citizens are forced to live in certain areas with limited resources while working to progress the capitol with little to nothing. Whereas, the capitol citizens have all the products and their concerns are limited to their appearances, while all the poor are trying to figure out how not to starve to death The districts in Panem were divided from rich to poor, districts 1 and 2 were the wealthiest while the other districts like district 11 and 12 were impoverished. This was a strategy for the capitol and those in power, in order to exercise their hegemony to suppress and control the population. The Hunger Games was used to promote the concept of false ‘hope’ and social mobility. Social mobility is a strategy used by capitalists to spread false propaganda about the poor being able to move from social group to another. The capitalists promote the idea of the ‘American Dream’, that with hard work and dedication anyone can be successful and become rich but this notion is false. For example, the people in districts 1 and 2 are privileged and have all the resources and wealth it requires for the people
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