The Hunger Games By George Orwell

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The Hunger Games may just seem like another one of today’s trendy book series, but it is far more intellectual than that. Unlike the enormously popular and overly romanticized Twilight Saga, The Hunger Games manages to captivate its audiences using a more complex and compelling plot. A plot that focuses on life in a dystopian society, which is incredibly comparable to the novel 1984. Both authors intended for these novels to be a wake up call to the audience, they wanted readers to be aware so that a totalitarian society could be prevented. There are many more similarities that these two novels share as well. In both 1984 and The Hunger Games there is a ruthless leader, some sort of love story, and brainwashing. The most popular term from 1984 is “Big Brother is watching.” Even television shows are named after it. However this statement is key to the novel as it represents the absolute power that Big Brother has over Oceania. Big Brother is the centerpiece to society, and is admired by everyone in The Party. However, when looking deeper into Big Brother’s purpose, it becomes clear that he is a distraction. Big Brother is used to keep The Party members busy, they give their absolute loyalty to him and by doing so they fail to see how poorly treated they have been. In The Hunger Games, the totalitarian leader is known as President Snow. Similar to Big Brother, he has complete control over his country, known as Panem. He is ruthless, and does all that he can to keep Panem in
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