The Hunger Games By Max Weber

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Social stratification is a concept used within sociology that explains the divisions and social inequalities of large groups of people within a particular society. The Hunger Games (2012) is a film that demonstrates this through amplifying how the power of the rich members in a polarised society are taking control of the poor and separating them in different districts which create specific social rankings. This essay will use the perspective of conflict theory to examine how Australian society is also effected by social stratification and therefore divided in social classes which effects their access to social equalities. Social Stratification can be explained as members of a society being placed into a hierarchy where they are…show more content…
Putting this into the context of The Hunger Games (2012), the bourgeoisie are the ‘The Capitol’ whom have distributed the poorer into 12 separate districts where resources are scare and each represent a different area of labour. This is where The Capitol exploit the work of the districts in order to remain within their political dominance and maintain their luxurious lifestyle (Simmons 2012). This clearly describes these 12 divisions as the proletariat as they have no control or ownership over the means of production and are provided with a minimum wage in order to survive. This imbalance of wealth, status and social inequality is illustrated within the movie when the main character Katniss Everdeen is shown within her district where people are dying from starvation, to making her arrival upon the Capitol and being met with banquets of food which could suffice her entire district. Overall this shows that the social stratification within The Hunger Games (2012) is demonstrated through the strict differentiations between two classes which Karl Marx would describe as the capitalists and working class. Looking at this in an Australian context, there is a larger variation and fluctuation between class determinations compared to Karl Marx who believed social class was only determined by the factor of property (Henslin and Possami-Inesedy 2014). Analysing
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