The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins

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The book The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, is a riveting dystopian-fiction book known for the suspense, Katniss Everdeen, 16 years old and living in a post-apocalyptic America known as Panem, ends up volunteering for a gladiator-type battle to the death.known as the Hunger Games. until a lone victor remains. This battle takes place in a high-tech and man-made arena and ends when a lone victor remains. , and is known as the Hunger Games. The book The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, is a riveting dystopian-fiction book known for the suspense, The main character faces many challenges that demonstrate but another element that comes into play is the need for survival against all three fronts: survival against self, man, and nature.…show more content…
The year her sister Prim turned 12 and had her name reaped (which was odd since it was Prim’s first year in the reaping bowls), Katniss felt she had no choice but to volunteer. Katniss refused to let her young and frail sister participate in the games, so she volunteers to take Prim’s place in them. After the reaping, Katniss trains and enters the games where her next challenge is to survive. Here,, she meets Rue from District 11 when she seeks refuge in a tree, after being chased up by other tributes.. The girl admires Katniss for her bravery. Katniss finds little Rue hard to resist, since she reminds Katniss of Prim. Rue helps her ambush the other tributes by cutting a branch down with a nest of mutated wasps. While doing this Katniss gets stung by a few of the wasps, making her delirious and unconscious. Rue takes care of Katniss while she sleeps by taking the poison out of the stings. After this, Katniss and Rue form an alliance and attempt to damage the other tributes supplies. The two succeed, but in the process Rue is captured in another tribute’s trap and ends up killed. Katniss kills Rue’s attacker, but it is still a very personal loss for her. She has lost a friend, and for her it is like losing Prim.

Upon entering the games Katniss realizes that she and Peeta have an awkward history together. She and her family were near starving to death, and Peeta throws Katniss a loaf of warm bread since
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