The Hunger Games Mise En Scene

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While it is perceived that The Hunger Games is about action and romance, there is a deeper meaning behind this well-known movie. The movie is essentially about a nation, Panem, that has been divided between rich and poor. The rich lived in the Capitol and the poor lived in the twelve districts. In the beginning of the movie, the upper class is shown to be dominant and superior. However, as the movie goes on, the lower classes begin to rebel in order to make their voices heard and to not be looked down upon any longer. To some, living in the Capitol would seem like the ideal situation; this is because the poor had fewer opportunities and privileges. The wealthy lived fair lives and had no worry about being selected to participate in The Hunger…show more content…
A majority of the film is shot in low-lit lighting, often giving a dreary feeling to it. This lighting is commonly seen when in the districts. When visiting the Capitol, the city is vibrant and welcoming. These differences show the wealth of the Capitol compared to the poor of the districts. The districts are mostly filled with rundown buildings and dirty factories. The houses can be seen without paint and even windows. Inside, the houses often lack furniture and space. The audience is introduced to this when Katniss is seen taking a bath in an old metal container, displaying that her house does not have an actual bathtub. In one scene, the audience is able to see the market place that occurs in Katniss’ district. At this overcrowded market place, most of the citizens can be seen selling trinkets or trading items. This seen portrays an almost panicked feeling, giving the audience an idea of what the citizens must go through in order to survive and provide for their families. The Capitol city is futuristic with large, modern buildings. Such buildings are often filled with luxurious and fashionable furniture to top it off. The citizens within the Capitol wear exaggerated makeup, even the men. They can be commonly found in bright-colored clothing and items that display their wealth. When taken to the districts, everyone has a dirty, tattered, and pale look to them. Commonly…show more content…
By doing so, the audience can feel sympathy, drama, and suspense throughout the film. A good example of a low angle shot is when District Ten is listening to the organizer of the games. When he is picking tribunes, the angle of the camera is down which displays that the tribunes are inferior to the organizer. The different types of shots also bring attention to something the director wants the audience to focus on. Along with informing the viewers of something from the character’s view point. A majority of the film is shot in subjective view, giving the audience an extension of Katniss and seeing what she is seeing. Although this is the case, there are objective shots to show the viewers the computer generated special effects in the film. It is also noticeable that the editing used helped capture the concept of social class in this film. The Hunger Games is shot in chronological order, with little flashbacks. The flashbacks that are used in this film are to understand the relationship between characters, but this is a very brief part of the
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