The Hunger Games : Movie Review : The Hunger Games

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“Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor”, is a joke considering that instead of wishing you good luck they are actually saying that out of 24 tributes (2 from each district, 12 districts total) only 1 survives. What are the odds of surviving? 4.17% to be exact, but even if you survive the games, you still die….mentally.
Imagine the moment your kids leave for the first day of elementary, now imagine the moment in which your kid is in line waiting eagerly for their name to be called saying it’s their turn to participate in the Hunger Games, the most dangerous battle for many of them who never expect and pray everyday not to be in. As most viewers have realized the Hunger Games were meant for young adults to represent the pain and suffering that would be caused if a district decided to rebel the same way District 13 did. As everyone knows District 13 no longer exists because of their rebellion against the capital (Spoiler, watch Hunger Games: Mockingjay).
So what makes The Hunger Games special? Is it the multiple themes conveyed throughout the story? Or is it the visual itself? Or maybe just maybe it’s the plot primarily? Who knows maybe it’s all of them, it all depends on what interests you the most. However, I believe all of these work together to make the movie one of the most interesting and captivating movies to young adults. Survival, love, and oppressive dictatorship are the most common seen themes in the movies. The plot and production make the
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