The Hunger Games The Tributes Behavior

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According to Hobbes’ statement the laws create an obligation on the part of man, but a man cannot be expected to follow the laws of nature. As justice is defined in Hobbes’ Leviathan following the law, there can be no justice in the state of nature. Throughout the Hunger Games the tributes behavior does confirm Hobbes’ understanding of the problem of justice. You can see Hobbes appears to be right in several situations throughout the games. The examples that will be analyzed are, Katniss having no trust to anyone during the games, Katniss running for the bow at the beginning of the games and Katniss never showing her weakness during the games. These examples each help prove one of Hobbes theories as to why justice cannot exist outside the commonwealth. Paragraph 2: ALL ABOUT HOBBES (last sentence of Hobbes section once its written) Hobbes states that in order to have justice one must have the following three things. One must have a lack trust, vulnerability and gain power. When defining the key term, it is not enough to simply state what Hobbes’ says with regard to the lack of justice in the state of nature, but you must also explain what he means by each component – how do they work together to create the circumstance that makes justice in nature impossible? Moreover, the definition must be supported through references to the text. Consider the following: Problem of Justice • Vulnerability o Fear of death o Quest for power (to avoid death) • Lack of trust o Abuses of
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