The Hunger Games Trilogy

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Hannah Hirschhorn Essay 10/16/12 The trilogy of The Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins, focuses on a country that is being controlled by an oppressive government and the people who are fighting against it for their freedom. Although the odds are against the rebels, they continue to combat tyranny at the risk of their own lives. The story takes place in the not too distant future in a country called Panem, which represents the United States. The Capitol, which is the center of the national government, is a brutal and very advanced metropolis, exercises political and physical control over the entire nation of Panem. One of the methods used by the government is the annual lethal “Hunger Games.” The main character, Katniss Everdeen is…show more content…
Beetee is a male tribute from District 3 and a survivor of the 75th Hunger Games. Beetee, an expert with electronics, is in charge of getting the propos to air in the Capitol by hacking its broadcasting system, which he did many times. The first propo that successfully broke the Capitol’s systems was the clip of Katniss standing in front of the hospital after it was bombed. The Capitol reacted in anger by attacking one of the rebels, “The camera knocked down to record the white tiled floor. The scuffle of boots. The impact of the blow that’s inseparable from Peeta’s cry of pain. And his blood as it splatters the tiles,” (Mockingjay, 134). This violent reaction by the Capitol was a warning to the districts, but it only made the districts more determined to rebel. Government’s punishments for citizens who break the rules of the Capitol are extreme and painful. The government devises three methods of pain: physical, emotional and political. The physical pain involves the body. For example, if a citizen is a traitor through speech, the person is turned into an Avox by having his or her tongue removed. Darius is one of the youngest Peacekeepers in District 12. He was turned into an Avox for interfering with a public whipping. Some Peacekeepers hold public floggings to scare the local community into submission by setting an example. Romulus Thread, the Head Peacekeeper of District 12, whipped Gale Hawthorne
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