The Hunger Of World Hunger

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Throughout the history of farming, the goal was simple, to provide enough food for everyone. Now the world produces enough food for every single human being on this planet of about 2700 calorie diet a day, which is more than enough for average people. But it’s kind of ironic world hunger still exist and is the leading cause of deaths per year. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that about 805 million people of the 7.3 billion people in the world were suffering from chronic undernourishment. World hunger doesn’t just kill people, it’s linked to diseases, physiological issues and poverty as well. That’s about 24,000 people dying a day. But what does hunger mean? Hunger is a term which has three different meanings according Oxford English Dictionary, but world hunger means the want or scarcity of food in a country.

So where does most of world hunger occur? In 2010 United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO) estimated the numbers of people suffering from hunger and the most sever hunger exist in Asia, estimated of about 578 million in Asia and the Pacific, about 39 million in Sub-Saharan Africa, 53 million in Latin America and the Caribbean, 37 million in North Africa and 19 million in developed countries, estimated close to a billion people. World Food Program show different statistics that indicated how big of a problem this is, especially when the production of food is easily capable of feeding every human being on this
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