The Hunger Relief Organization At The Puyallup Food Bank

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Introduction According to Feeding America, a U.S. Hunger Relief Organization, over 50 million people suffer from hunger in America. Although a complex issue, nonprofit organizations such as food banks make tremendous contributions each year toward combating hunger. Unfortunately, the majority of food donated to the Puyallup Food Bank located in Puyallup, Washington is heavily processed. A heavily processed diet can lead to nutritional deficiencies in fiber, calcium, iron and vitamins. These nutrients are vital to human survival. Additionally, during non-holiday months, donations to the Puyallup Food Bank decrease considerably. To change this and help the food bank receive sufficient nutritional food donations year-round, team 6 decided to repurpose Sarah Pike’s research project. Using Ms. Pike’s research, we realized the Puyallup Food Bank had issues in communicating its needs effectively with the community. To assist in correcting this, we felt the design of a simple, visually interesting “call to action” pamphlet would be an appropriate tool. To accomplish the creation of this pamphlet, we broke the collaboration up into four tasks: • Write a project justification statement • Develop the pamphlet content through delegated research assignments • Design the pamphlet • Test the pamphlet effectiveness by obtaining feedback & finalizing the content Our overall goal in completing this project is to create an effective pamphlet that will educate the residents of Puyallup,

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