The Hungry Tide

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Not many fictional stories have much success addressing real world problems like global warming and pushing animals to extinction. People often hear Fiction an assume that the story will be one of a completely made up story line that has little to no truth in it and lacks the necessary details of a nonfiction story. Even though the story line is not based on real events it does make one more aware of the things going on around us.When reading you must look at the fragile and dangerous ecosystem that the Sundrabans offer. The land constantly is changing because of tides which puts the people at risk of loosing there homes at all times. If that struggle is not scary enough the people of the Sundrabans have to fear the predators who roam the waters and the land. Its also an equal relationship with humans as well due to there over fishing of areas and damming of the fresh water streams. At this point you think it could not get any worse but it does because they have severe weather which comes through and can wipe out whole villages and kill hundreds of thousands of people. The Hungry Tide by Amitav Gosh addresses the…show more content…
We as a society often battle with nature and destroy and harm it on a day to day basis. The people of the Sundrabans often will often have to deal with the struggle of survival on their lands because it never stays the same. With global warming islands may no longer arise back and may stay under the rising sea levels forever. Besides global warming the people are fending off other predators who are just trying to survive like the people. they are mad at the predators that come but they are not any better then the animals because they pollute there land and water which is just a devastating to the life there. Finally the weather is the true predator of the land wiping out all that stands in its way showing that in the end the Sundrabans belong to weather and not the people or the
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