The Hunt For Witches By William Golding

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The Hunt for Witches In 1692, Puritans practiced purity, worked hard and believed that God was the center of everything. The children were to be obedient to their parents and follow the ways of “pureness” outlined before them. They were to serve God and not participate in any form of witchcraft. The Puritans believed that anything that happened was either an act of God or the devil. However, the children loved the stories told by Tituba, a Barbadian slave, belonging to Reverend Parris and dancing around the fire. The stories and the dancing went against everything that the Puritans stood for and when the girls were caught breaking the rules, they had to cover themselves from punishment. When the young girls became “ill” from being infected by witches, the town set out on a hunt to destroy all witches and everything that was not “pure” or of God. The Salem Witch Hunt began in 1692 and ended in 1693. At the end of the hunt, 200 people were accused and 20 people lost their lives.
Merriam Webster simply defines witchcraft as “magical things that are done by witches: the use of magical powers obtained especially from evil spirits.” In Act One, Betty Parris, her cousin Abigail Williams, and Tituba were caught dancing naked in the woods around a fire by Reverend Parris. In fear of being caught by her father, Betty fainted and never regained consciousness. When she fainted, Reverend Parris took her to Dr. Griggs. When Dr. Griggs could not determine what was wrong with Betty, he…

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