The Hunt Is On : Millennials And The Online Job Search

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The Hunt is On: Millennials and the Online Job Search If you are about to graduate or have recently graduated, then you’re probably looking for a job to start your career. Chances are that your family has been trying to give you advice on how to get a job, and while they mean well, job hunting today isn’t anything like it used to be before computers became so big. Everyone always tells you to “put yourself out there” and “make sure you show them you want it by calling to check your resume,” but that’s not always the most helpful thing to do. First off, paper applications almost don’t exist anymore. With the exception of smaller, local businesses, most places are using online applications. That means that you can’t “put yourself out there” to possible employers as easily since you won’t be meeting them face-to-face when you hand in your application. The next logical assumption would be to find an excuse to call the employers, so you can show them “how much you want the job.” From what managers have told me, this is not something you want to do. Since a lot more applications are online now, managers are receiving more applications than ever and they don’t have time to get calls from every applicant interesting in the job. In fact, a lot of applications will tell you not to call them, and when you ignore that you end up hurting your chances at the job. What you’ll most likely end up using to find a job is the Internet. After your friends and family, online job postings are

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