The Hunter becomes the Prey

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The hunter often becomes the prey. This is true in many environments where humans have lived and shared their environment with other great forces and large animals. This relationships and the constant contact have led to several myths, in this case the myth of the Jaguar in South America. This myth can be examined by a structure given by Levi Strauss in his Book “The jealous Potter.” In his book Levi Strauss explores the universal structure that is present in every myth, no matter where it comes from. All myths have a structure that is expressed on the myths, a structure that is on every society. It is possible to find the triangular relationship between deities or realms, binary forces fighting against each other and the jealousy that keep the world together.
First of all, it is of great importance to explain the myth at hand. The myth is found in many cultures from Mesoamerican Aztec cultures all the way to South American Inca civilizations, including Central America. The myth also involves other animals besides the Jaguar, such as the Great Caiman, the frog, and the Anaconda. Some societies that have the myth are the Chavin, the Olmec, the Paracas, etc. (Coe, 1972) The myth is South America is defined by three realms, the supernatural the human world and a place between where jaguars live, there are other similar views on the myth, that there is the realm of the sky dominated by the eagle, the land dominated by the jaguar and the water ruled by the caiman. The jaguar
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