The Hurt Man

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The Hurt Man -by Wendell Berry Sometimes in life you accomplish epiphanies. You suddenly realize something huge. It can either be something about love or something totally different. But one thing you absolutely know is that, it’s going to change the way you’re living your life. That’s the coincidence in the short story, The Hurt Man, where the young boy, Mat Feltner, realize something remarkable about life. The Hurt Man takes place in Port William which is a small town on the American Frontier. It takes place long time back in the past back in the 1880s. The situation that changes Mat’s life is started by the usual clashes in the pub. One of the men gets hurt and seeks for help on Mat’s front porch. The woman of the house, Mat’s…show more content…
As you can see on p. 4 ll. 118-123. Where the mother ignores all evil and helps the hurt man. “What he saw in her face would remain with him forever. It was pity, but it was more than that. It was a hurt love that seemed to include entirely the hurt man. It included him and disregarded everything else. It disregarded the aura of whiskey that ordinarily she would have resented; it disregarded the blood puddled on the porch floor and the trail of blood through the hall. These lines are some of the most important lines about the mother. This explains exactly what kind of person she is. This explains how caring she is and how she just ignores the aura of whiskey and gives all her love to the hurt man, even though he is a complete stranger. That is a strong personality and she probably became that kind of person, because she has had so many losses herself. The major theme of the short story is realizing death happens. Realizing it and know how to live your life with knowing it. That is what Nancy is doing. She is living her life knowing that almost all her children are dead. But the only ways she can handle that tragedy are by giving the love further to the hurt man. Mat accepts the fact as well, but always has in mind that death
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