The Hurt Man

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The Hurt Man Nothing in life is certain except one single thing: death and it is coming for us all. We cannot do anything to prevent it, though we can hold it off for a little while. In our life we will eventually get hurt by the ones we love, thus our lives on earth has and will always be filled with sorrow and disappointment, but the difference lay in how we deal with it. The main character, Mat Feltner discovers that death is inevitable in such a young age, when “The Hurt Man” enters his life and thereby changes everything that he had ever known in and about life. The short story “The Hurt Man” by Wendell Berry takes place on a hot Sunday afternoon precisely, in the late summer of 1888 in the town: Port William. It is a…show more content…
When Mat suddenly realizes this, he can no longer live in ignorance and simply forgets his other siblings, because his mother’s pain is real. This is shown in the line: “…After that, her losses would be mine. The losses would come. They would come to him and his mother” l. 139. This experience will follow him for the rest of his life. It was that day, where he lost his innocence and there was no longer any reason for his mother to protect him, because he now lives in the unkind reality. He cannot shut his eyes and he has acknowledged his own and everybody’s mortality. The two most important themes in the story is life and death, this is especially shown by one line in particularly: “At one end of the town was the school, at the other the graveyard.” L. 12. This clearly states the two opposites with the school representing youth and life and the graveyard stating death and greed. The road which connects the two places is life itself, from cradle to the grave. It is the circle of life and the irony in all this is that in Port William the graveyard is more “populous” than the town itself. We all have to cope with the thought that we are not going to live forever. We are just like everybody else: mortal and fragile. This incident was life changing and Mat learned in a very young age something he should not have to worry about until many years later. Though we are all going to leave this planet someday and love and
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