The Hybrid Vehicle Is A Hybrid Electric Vehicle

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Since 1984 the United States military has been using various versions of the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), or Humvee as it’s more commonly known. As the environment, technology, and mission needs change, so must the design and capabilities of vehicles used by the military. A version of the Reconnaissance, Surveilling, Targeting Vehicle (RST-V) nicknamed The Shadow is a hybrid electric vehicle developed to meet the changing demands. Its creation is intended to meet the demands of an ever changing battlefront and reduce the limitations posed by previous vehicles. This paper will cover what a hybrid vehicle is, brief history of the technology, how it is being used to develop new vehicles for the military, and what advantages this technology has over current vehicles in use. A hybrid electric vehicle combines an internal combustion engine with that of an electric propulsion system. The internal combustion engine, usually gasoline or diesel powered, turns a generator. This generator is used to charge batteries and/or directly power electric drive motors. This combination of drive systems drastically decreases the use of fossil fuels and reduces emissions created. Regenerative brake systems are also used on many hybrid vehicles to reduce the use of fuel. Conventional vehicles use friction brakes to slow down and stop a vehicle, this creates heat. Regenerative braking systems are capable of converting this heat into electricity, which the system stores in the

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