The Hydrologic Cycle : The Causes And Effects Of The Biogeological Cycles

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The biogeological cycle is defined as the movements of matter between and within ecosystems that include the chemical, biological, and geological processes. Their movements are kept track of by pools and the process in which pools move are in flows. Since all of Earth relies on the hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, phosphorous, sulfur, and carbon cycles, humans have managed to change it at least one way. Human interaction within these cycles causes destruction to Earth and can destroy the systems if nothing is done to stop it.
The hydrologic cycle is the movement of water within the biosphere. Earth is a closed system, meaning that water can never leave Earth. Due to human interaction, humans have managed to hurt and alter the water cycle. Water that falls on the land does one of three things : evapotranspiration, evaporation and transpiration, be absorbed by the soil and go down into the groundwater, or move as a runoff into rivers and streams and reach the ocean where the water evaporates the cycle starts over again. Humans harm the hydrologic cycle by cutting down trees. By reducing evapotranspiration and its biomass, it causes runoff and percolation to increase. An increase in runoff leads to erosion and flooding. Humans harm the cycle by covering land resources due to paving roads. This decreases the amount of percolation in a specific area and leads to more evaporation and runoff. Humans have the ability to change the water cycle by moving water from area to another for
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