What Is The Hypnopaedic Slogans

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The hypnopaedic slogan conditioned on the society “everybody is happy now” causes the reader to question whether it is better to go through life just being happy or to have the ability to experience the hardships and misery of a true life (Huxley 77). As Bernard Marx and Helmholtz Watson observe the society, they realize their opposition of simulated happiness and their yearning for feeling. Through the understanding of the corrupt society and their own beliefs, the men begin to understand who they are and what matters to them to rise above the power of the world controllers. The society members controlled by decisions made by external forces, are unable to decipher their place within the world, but are content with being happy. The citizens don’t comprehend any sense of difficulty because they lack the ability to understand or maintain control of anything other than their designated job. The hypnopaedic slogans provide security and particulars to the people to allow them to find solace in complete happiness. As the slogans create a way to communicate, the people rely on their ability to not formulate their own thoughts, but to apply their conditioning to their every day lives. The World State’s motto, “Community, Identity, Stability,” forces the people to give up their identity for the sake of the community and stability to live under complete control (15). The society not only relies on the solidity of the hypnopaedia, but the ability of soma to create a
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