The Hypocrisy of Humanity Depicted in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird

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Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, has many stories from Scouts’ little town in Alabama that teaches the reader the good and bad sides of the human being. When all these come together, the result is this fantastic novel. One of the stories that stand out is the one when Mrs. Gates and Cecil Jacobs have a conversation in the classroom. They talk about Adolph Hitler and the malicious things he did to the Jewish people. Mrs. Gates tries to tell her students that what he did was wrong in a very firm tone of voice. At this point in the story, the reader feels anger for everything the Nazis did. However, the main point of this passage is to make the reader realize how two-faced Mrs. Gates is.
In this novel, Harper Lee implies that humanity
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Underneath this paragraph, a picture shows how the celebrity, who is riding the private jet, is being hypocritical about his actions even though he does not seem to notice that he is harming the environment. This picture was meant to be for Al Gore, director of the World-Famous documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.” This documentary show cases the effects that polluting gases have in wildlife and natural catastrophes around the world. The whole point behind this picture is to show the hypocrisy of Al Gore. He wishes to convince great audiences around the world to change their way of living and to strive to be better to help save the environment. The paradox, is that how can he teach one thing, if he is not going to do it? At his conferences, he tells the public to stop polluting the world and try to make a difference in order to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide there is in the atmosphere. However, he is not a good example when he comes off the stage and one looks at his real life. The picture shows the truth about him and the environment. The luxury his life-style requires damages a lot to the environment. He truly states, ``I’m here to talk about global warming and reducing energy usage``. One can perceive that both of the vehicles he is using to transport him self, are the most fuel inefficient there has ever been in our century. The artist has drawn exactly what happened in Sunday, August 26, 2007 in
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