The Hypothesis For The Lab Essay

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Introduction: The hypothesis for the lab – is this specimen steel? – was stated, and a very short explanation of how the hypothesis would be tested was provided. The last sentence was a quick outline of what the remainder of the report contains. Background: In this section, a short discussion of what to expect when you view steel under the microscope is provided, and the class textbook is referenced. This will probably require that you look up the topic in a book or on the internet. Methodology: In this short methodology, the procedure was outlined very clearly and the equipment and software used was identified. Part of the procedure will be adapted from the lab handout the instructor gives you at the beginning of the lab session. You will also record anything you did differently, and a list of all equipment (with model and serial numbers) that you used as part of completing the experiment. Keep this in mind: someone should be able to read through this and recreate the experiment. Results: This results section focused on the images taken using the microscope and what the team saw in the images. Depending on your major and the lab topic, you might have sketches, graphs, plots, images, or tables of data. Notice there was minimal interpretation of the data here. Rather, the focus was on the facts: what did they see under the microscope. Conclusions: Here the results are interpreted. Based on the microstructures seen, the team concluded that the sample was

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