The Hypothesis Of The And Nasal Spray Were More Effective Against The Flu Essay

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The researchers wanted to test if the shot or nasal spray were more effective against the flu. The null hypothesis would be that both types of vaccine would have the same effect. The alternative hypothesis would be that one was more effective than the other making this a two-tailed test. In this case the P value was less than alpha so you would reject the null hypothesis. The results were statistically significant because the numbers were less than P, however the example doesn’t tell me what test was used. Often researchers do not choose the most appropate method or test and this can influence the numbers. As for the alternative hypothesis, more information, or more tests would be needed to prove or disprove the alternative hypothesis. As the P value gets lower, closer to 0, researchers are more inclined to reject the null hypothesis and accept the alternative and in this case a .008 is a long way from 100% however the are limitations and factors to consider besides just the p value (Tanner, 2016). The sample population was large and randomly selected which are excellent things when conducting research, however it would be useful to know where this sample came from, one doctor’s office, all over the states, etc. Age, gender etc., would all be other variables that could influence the sample population. Limitations also include how the subjects received their vaccine. Which is unknown at this point. How we know they got the flu, I’m assuming self reported, what did some

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