The Hypothesis Or Premise Of God

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The hypothesis or premise of “The 10 Most Common Objections to Christianity,” by Alex McFarland, is to worship and glorify the reason behind our Faith. The Bible teaches that Truth is related to the character of God, which means it is eternal and unchanging. It does not have an expiration date, and neither does it go out of style. The problem is that not everyone believes God exists or accepts the Bible as the ultimate authority. In the foundations of the Faith, Truth must be established as an absolute. This book shows how to respond theologically, reasonably, and practically to the most frequent objections to Christianity today: Objection one…God is Not Real- Logically, atheism and agnosticism do not make sense. Atheism needs…show more content…
However, the theory of evolution incorrectly argues that those alterations can result in the creation of new species. It also mistakenly upholds that life itself could have randomly evolved from a nonliving substance. The statistical probability of life originating by chance is minimal at best, making that notion illogical. Objection three…The Bible is Not Completely Authentic- Many more prehistoric copies and parts of the Bible have been discovered than those of any other prehistoric texts. Therefore, the biblical texts have been established as genuine by historians. Most biblical documentation was recorded just a brief time after they actually took place, compared to the enormous time gap of centuries that existed with most other prehistoric texts. When an abundance of biblical texts are inspected and analyzed, they are verified to be reliable. Objection four… The Bible is not Completely Accurate- The Bible contains complex passages that can be hard to comprehend. However, a verified mistake, convincingly, has never been discovered in all of Scripture. All 66 books of the Bible are the inspired, inerrant, and perfect Word of God. Remember that, while the New Testament was not formally assembled until the Council of Nicea in 327 A.D., the early Church previously recognized the same 27 New Testament books more than 200 years before then. Objection five… Jesus Was Just a Man- It must be
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