The Hypothesis Set Forth By Piaget

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The hypothesis set forth by Piaget was that in infancy learning was accomplished through reflexes, this was how they were able to adapt to their environment. This is something that continues past the infancy stage, people use two process to adapt called assimilation and accommodation (Reference). The goal being to create balance between the two processes, which is then called equilibration. There are actually several preschools that tend to model their classrooms after Piaget’s stage theory, the belief being that they are creating a solid foundation that will both support and challenge early learners abilities as well as provide many different concrete learning experiences. As stated before, preschoolers are in the pre-operational stage. We will see vast development in memory and imagination, and maturation of language skills. However, this is still a stage where children tend to be selfish in thought; they are generally non-logical and once they believe something it tends to be non-reversible. As educators our goal should be to have children develop consistently within Piaget’s theory; this is why it is so important to provide them with opportunities to use different techniques and activities that will help to encourage that needed growth. This particular stage has an abundance of rapid mental growth; language being the most abundant in mental representation (Reference). The general belief is that during the sensorimotor stage, activities will provide a much needed
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